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Helpful Documents

We have developed and collected helpful training documents, how-to guides, tutorials, and reference materials for you to review as you develop your own acquisition materials for acquiring cloud services.

LMI Business of Cloud -- According to LMI, successful government cloud programs focus on both the technical core of the effort—application rationalization, migration, application design, and cloud operations - AND the critical business-focused aspects of a cloud support ecosystem. This resource delves into the "Business of Cloud" and how Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) programs are essential to audit cloud processes and actors to ensure cloud success.

MITRE Enterprise Cloud Adoption Framework -- MITRE has developed an Enterprise Cloud Adoption Framework (ECAF) that provides guidance for developing and implementing cloud adoption strategies from vision concept through operations and optimization of cloud computing for government agencies.

DOD Cloud Acquisition Guidebook -- This Guidebook provides information and best practices that will allow programs to take advantage of the opportunities provided by cloud services. This new paradigm requires agencies to understand how to acquire critical services and re-think not only the way they acquire IT services in the context of deployment, but also how the IT services they consume provide mission and support functions on a shared basis. The Guidebook also includes information on the importance of understanding the commercial cloud environment as well as how solid planning can avoid potential risk areas such as vendor-lock and hidden costs

Commercial Cloud Service Contract Language DoD -- This is the CCoE's Common DoD Contracting Issues and Guidance for Procuring Cloud. The intent of this document is to provide information on issues encountered when contracting for cloud services from the commercial marketplace. The information is for consideration and is not intended to be contract language or official direction.

7 steps to create a SOW -- This is the Office of Federal Procurement Policy's "Seven Steps to Performance-Based Services Acquisition". This guide, geared to the greater acquisition community (especially program offices), breaks down performance-based service acquisition into seven simple steps. The intent is to make the subject of performance-based acquisition accessible and logical for all and shift the paradigm from traditional "acquisition think" into one of collaborative, performance-oriented teamwork with a focus on program performance, improvement, and innovation, not simply contract compliance.

GSA Schedule Checklist -- The General Services Administration has prepared a checklist for use to assist you in completing the actions necessary to properly issue and administer orders using the GSA Schedules Program. The checklist is divided into two parts, both parts are made up of a series of questions related to the actions needed to properly issue and administer an order using the GSA Schedules Program.

GSA eBuy Tutorial -- This PowerPoint of a basic tutorial will take buyers step by step through the RFQ process. The tutorial will also point out many of the exciting features GSA eBuy has to offer.

CCOE Cloud Dictionary -- This is the CCoE Cloud Dictionary. This document serves as a source for terms and definitions of cloud computing. It gathers material from the NIST Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (NIST SP 500-292), The USG Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap (NIST SP 500-293), and The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing (NIST SP 800-145). It also includes a section on typical cloud services.

Army monthly pricing RFI pricing -- This workbook serves as a request for information regarding cloud hosting rates, and a description of what those rates include. There are four (4) separate worksheets within this workbook that is to be provided as a document for a solicitation for offerers to fill out and submit back as a response. Agencies will review each workbook from prospective vendors.

USAID Guide on IGCE -- This is USAID's Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE). An IGCE is an Agency's estimate of costs that a contractor/recipient may incur in performing services and/or providing supplies to achieve the Government’s objectives. The guidance in this document provides general information on roles and responsibilities, types of estimates, methodologies for developing an estimate and a template that can be used to create an estimate.

SLA Standardization

OMB MAX document library showcasing work centered around leveraging ISO/IEC 19086-2:2018 Cloud computing -- Service level agreement (SLA) framework.

"The United States Government (USG) is looking to develop a catalog of standardized metrics for SLAs that can be used by all Federal Agencies for commercial cloud contracts. These metrics will be available as guidance for Federal Agencies and will not be mandatory. [...] As a customer, the USG sees the virtue and value in having standardized expressions that can be compared between vendors. As SLAs are a fundamental part of a cloud service contract, it is imperative that there is an efficient mechanism to compare SLA offerings. Cloud services that might seem comparable at first glance, might meet very different business objectives based on the guarantees offered by the underlying SLAs. While this might seem at first to be solely to the benefit of the customer, standardized expressions will not only allow Cloud Service Providers being able to differentiate their services based on their SLA, but will also lead to better informed contracts on both sides with fewer areas of potential misunderstandings on the part of the stakeholders."

Quoted from 2018-12-12Final-copyAnalysis-of-AWS-RFI-Response.pdf