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Cloud SOO Templates

The following Statements of Objectives (SOO) are labor category specific, helping you acquire planning services if you're at the beginning of the process, implementation services if in the middle, and support and sunsetting services if on the backend. Government can use these statement of objectives (SOO) to move legacy systems to the cloud more efficiently, and better plan for developing new cloud applications. Agencies that move to the cloud will realize cost savings quicker through increased efficiency, agility, and innovation, and will require less time to close data centers.

What is a SOO?

A Statement of Objectives (SOO) is a government prepared document incorporated into the Request for Proposal (RFP) that states the overall solicitation objectives. It is often provided in lieu of a Statement of Work (SOW), or instructs the offeror to create a SOW or Performance Work Statement (PWS) to address the objectives stated in the SOO.

What is IN a SOO?

The SOO should provide the basic, top level objectives of the acquisition. From the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), a SOO should contain at minimum: Purpose; Scope; Period and Place of Performance; Background; Performance Objectives (i.e. required results); and any operating constraints.

Why a SOO?

A SOO shifts the responsibility for preparing the SOW from the government to the solicitation respondents. It can be used in those solicitations where the intent is to provide the maximum flexibility to each offeror to propose an innovative development approach.

How Can I Use This SOO Template?

This SOO template is used to create an acquisition-specific SOO to procure cloud migration services. Text written in brackets and italics are optional and should be tailored (edited or deleted) to fit the needs of your Agency. The five phases of migration are as follows:

  • Inventory
  • Application Mapping
  • Migration Planning
  • Migration Execution
  • Decommissioning Services, Equipment Disposition, Facility Disposition

Overview of migration phases

Phases 1-3 were combined into a single document due to their related steps and frequent combination in the same acquisition.

This SOO template can be tailored to the cloud migration services that your agency needs. For example, if you only are looking to procure Migration Planning services, delete all of the red text associated with ‘Inventory’ or ‘Application Mapping’ phases.

Cloud Migration SOO Template - Phase 1-3 - Inventory, Application Mapping, and Migration Planning

Cloud Migration SOO Template (DoD) - Phase 1-3 - Inventory, Application Mapping, and Migration Planning

Cloud Migration SOO Template - Phase 4 -Migration Execution

Cloud Migration SOO Template - Phase 5 - Decommissioning Services, Equipment/Facility Disposition

Other Sample SOOs

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What Documents Were Used as Sources or Used to Create This SOO Template?

The following documents were either leveraged to create this SOO Template or are good resources for further exploration.