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Success Stories

DOJ's Move to the Cloud

To prevent falling behind the innovation curve, the Department of Justice (DOJ) continuously monitors the technology landscape for new methods to advance its mission of enforcing the law and defending United States interests. One method that has proven successful for many in the DOJ enterprise is the transition to a cloud-optimized IT environment.

USAID Cloud Success

The U.S. Agency for International Development has been leveraging cloud computing technology for the past 10 years. Learn more about their cloud journey and recent cloud acquisitions by reading this feature.

Read the online copy at the GSA Assistant Commissioner's Blog

NOAA Cloud Migration

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is now using cloud to make public data like water reports, climate projections, and weather warnings readily available. Read about the best practices they employed in their cloud acquisition in this feature.

Read the online copy at the GSA Assistant Commissioner's Blog

GSA CIO Cloud Success

To help others, one must first help themselves. The General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) implementation of cloud computing across the organization embodies this concept. GSA’s core mission revolves around the effective delivery of quality products and services to the wider federal government. This is a tall task, as their strategic goals writ large include saving taxpayer money and being an acquisition leader in thought and practice. In turning their eyes to cloud technology, GSA has acquired mission-enabling tools that showcase how these goals are being achieved.