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Use Cases

We have collected several "real-world" examples of acquisition documents from across the government for you to review as you develop your own acquisition materials for acquiring cloud commercial and professional services. These examples have been vetted by our Cloud Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and successfully awarded to several agencies. If you have a cloud use case you would like to share please contact us.

RFI Examples

Army Monthly Pricing

This workbook serves as a request for information regarding cloud hosting rates, and a description of what those rates include. There are four (4) separate worksheets within this workbook that is to be provided as a document for a solicitation for offerers to fill out and submit back as a response. Agencies will review each workbook from prospective vendors.

IRS Cloud Services

It references pricing for actual services consumed. The purpose of this RFI is to gather information for the IRS organization on potential cloud computing services and capabilities: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

2018 ICE Cloud

This talks about pricing models. This is a different RFI example, as this RFI has questions laid out for offerers to answer. ICE's RFI lays out the description and background of ICE, as well as definitions of acronyms mentioned in the RFI.

RFP Examples

Cloud Example 1

This is an example of a standalone contract for the Library of Congress to perform a variety of Cloud-related tasks. These include a comprehensive data center migration plan in both private and public cloud service environments. Additionally, it is a vetted well written example of the following task: validation of existing data center technologies and planned storage initiatives; migration road mapping; infrastructure and services procurement, installation, and configuration; application rationalization; data and application migration; data center testing; as well as security assessment and authorization support activities.

Cloud Example 2

This is an example of a VA PWS for the procurement of Cloud Managed Services and Transition Services. The VA was looking for a Contractor to define and execute a program to establish VA-wide cloud computing Managed Service capability. These managed cloud services must provide a robust cloud computing environment that supports the entire VA Enterprise.

SOW Examples

DOT Cloud Services Consumption

This example is to provide a contract to move to IaaS and all of the related professional services to make for a successful implementation. This includes project management, other integration services, and transition out support.

USAF AFSOC Cloud IaaS -- This example from USAF is for AFSOC Cloud Infrastructure as a Service. It references pay as you go. The SOW lays out the Scope of Work, Description of Work, Location of Work, Performance Period, etc.

SOO Examples

Payroll SaaS

This is a draft SOO for a Payroll SaaS that agencies can use and tailor, as needed. It includes functionality for Payroll and Work Schedule and Leave Management (WSLM), and the agencies should tailor to fit their own requirements, quantities for workload (hours), specific surveillance techniques, etc.

Customer Requirements Statement Examples

Army AWS BPA Responsibilities -- This is an example of a Customer Requirement Statement from the Army for Product Lead (PL) Acquisition Management Support Solutions (AMS2). The price breakdown is by units consumed by day. The purpose of this procurement is to obtain commercial cloud hosting within a Commercial Off-Premise Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Impact Level 4 cloud environment (Impact levels are defined in the DoD Cloud Security Requirements Guide (SRG))

Case Studies

Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) Salesforce Center of Excellence, User-Centered Design Challenge

Case Study from showcasing an example of VA acquiring Salesforce Development services.