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To assist agencies in their COVID-19 response efforts, GSA has negotiated an Amendment to the User Agreement with CarrierX, LLC and that will allow Government Users the ability to use these services to support required increased telework. This Amendment negotiated by GSA ensures that government agencies choosing to take advantage of this no-cost service are in compliance with FAR and other regulations. For more information Click Here

Note: These services and/or products are not endorsed by GSA. Government Users should coordinate with their appropriate agency offices (e.g., IT, Operational Security) to ensure compliance with agency policies prior to use.

Government Cloud Roadmap

What is the Cloud Information Center?

Provides heading
  • a Managed Collection of Cloud Computing Best Practices, Guidance, and Templates

  • an explaination of what Cloud Computing is and the Benefits
Assists heading
  • in identifying and conducting Market Research on Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)

  • your journey through the Cloud Lifecycle with Cloud Experts to Support
Promotes heading
  • the Communication and Collaboration between the Government Cloud Community and Industry Experts