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Market Research

Market Research

GSA offers the following value added services and tools to assist federal, state, and local government agencies in determining if GSA acquisition vehicles (e.g., Federal Supply Schedules, Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts) support the agency’s requirements and in conducting targeted and tailored market research.

GSA Rapid Review (RR)

The first step is to ensure that GSA has a solution capable of meeting an agency's requirements. This is done via the GSA Rapid Review tool. Contact a Customer Service Director (CSD) and request the Rapid Review link to initiate the process.

GSA’s Rapid Review tool identifies the appropriate acquisition vehicle for an agency’s cloud requirements, reduces Procurement Administrative Lead Time (PALT) and ensures the correct acquisition package is prepared. The federal, state, or local government agency provides their GSA Customer Service Director (CSD) with a requirements document (e.g., Statement of Needs, Statement of Objective, Performance Work Statement). The CSD will then work with GSA Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to identify and recommend the best available GSA acquisition vehicles.

Agencies usually receive a GSA Rapid Review (RR) response within 24 hours.

GSA's Market Research As a Service (MRAS) Tool

Federal, state, or local government agencies looking to identify and obtain information about cloud solutions from GSA Contract Holders (e.g., vendors) can engage the GSA Market Research As a Service (MRAS) Team. The GSA MRAS Team uses GSA online survey capabilities to actively engage with GSA Contract Holders to collect specific agency requested information to assist agencies in understanding cloud solutions, including technical and functional capabilities, and which GSA acquisition vehicles can support agency’s requirements. Federal, state, or local government agencies can coordinate assistance through their GSA Customer Service Director (CSD) or by visiting the GSA MRAS Tool web page.

The following GSA Market Research As a Service (MRAS) reports are provided as representative examples. Note: Non-public vendor information and individual vendor responses have been redacted.