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Cloud Professional Services (CPS)

Cloud Professional Services (CPS)

Cloud Professional Services (CPS) can be obtained through various acquisition vehicles (e.g., GSA Schedules, GWACs) to implement, migrate to, or maintain cloud solutions. These Services are contractually known as Labor Categories, or LCAT's, and comprise everything from assessment, preparation, refactoring, migration, integration, development of new cloud-native applications (DevOps), governance of cloud implementation, and more.

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Companies are facing pressure to enhance their business and deliver results at speeds that match the expectations of internal and external consumers. Having an actionable cloud strategy for IT to deliver digital services to its end consumers is the foundational requirement to meet the needs of the on-demand generation. Cloud Advisory Services uses an Agile, collaborative approach powered by rigorous analysis tools to help you identify potential cloud opportunities, develop an implementation roadmap and design a cloud environment that is tailored to your business needs.

FedRamp Approved Vendors: Alpha Site, API awaited from FedRAMP. Once API is received, the vendor list will be provided.